Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Wedding Wednesday - The (WE ARE 10 DAYS AWAY) List

I wrote a post similar to this when we were on the 70 day countdown to our wedding... and then, some alien came down zapped all of our brains and now here we were, 10 days away from the wedding. 

Really, I don't know where the time went. No clue. There was a bachelor party in Vegas, a bachelorette party in Ponte Vedra, lots of time at the gym, some dress fittings, lots of chats with my mama turned wedding planner, and then here we are... responding to people with "Yeah! We're getting married NEXT week!" 

We are pumped... we are talking about it constantly and tying up the loose ends from this detail to that, but I really have no idea where the time has gone. We only had an 8-month engagement, and honestly I wouldn't have done it any other way. If I had another week to wait I would go crazy - I am so ready to be married to C and am just wanting it to get here, NOW! 

Anyways, the point of my story... girls who are engaged, girls who are dreaming to become engaged, listen to me loud and clear... they are not kidding about it all going by fast. Soak it all in. Soak in every emotion you feel during it. Because one day, you'll find yourself 10 days away from your wedding day... not sure where the time went, and wanting to keep the engaged excitement forever,  but not wanting to wait another day until you are MARRIED. 

I've got 100 other things I want to share with you guys, feelings you get during the process, my bachelorette weekend, and then of course, after next Saturday every.single.detail. I've wanted to share before now, but it just seems wrong to spill the beans before the actual day. 

So I leave you with what will be my last list update - because let me tell you about all that will need to be done next Wednesday... this list update will not be happening. 

Going through this list and updating it gave me some major pep in my step - I'm feeling accomplished... sure I wish I had a rehearsal dress, but for the most part we are here... we are at the finish line... I see my groom at the end of the aisle and every bit of this wedding planning makes it all worth it. 

Somebody grab the tissues, it's going to be an emotional week and a half... 

Set a date
Book ceremony venue
Book reception venue
Book photographer
Book our band for the reception
Get the wedding party on board
Create wedding website
Take engagement pictures 
Decide on Save the Dates
Finalize guest list 
Send out Save the Dates
Buy my wedding dress!! 
Book ceremony musician
Choose pretty bridesmaids dresses
Decide on shoes/jewelry for bridesmaids
Choose groom/groomsmen tuxes 
Have groomsmen get measured
Get a gorgeous dress for the MOB 
Purchase veil 
Decide on hair accessories 
Decide on wedding shoes & jewelry 
Hire ceremony coordinator 
Hire reception coordinator
Book the minister
Pre-marriage counseling 
Book chair rentals for ceremony 
Book chair rentals for reception
Finalize reception menu
Finalize centerpieces for reception 
Hire a calligrapher
Book hair stylist 
Book cake baker 
Book hair stylist
Schedule hair trial-run 
1st dress fitting 
Final dress fitting 
Create ceremony programs  
Have programs printed
Create wedding invitations
Have invitations printed out 
Mail invitations
Book rehearsal dinner venue 
Finalize rehearsal dinner menu
Order rehearsal dinner  invitations 
Buy a dress for rehearsal dinner
Plan cocktails w/ friends for after rehearsal dinner 
Buy bridal party gifts
My bachelorette party 
C's bachelor party 
Bridal showers
Purchase my wedding band 
Purchase C's wedding band 
Make "must have" list for photographer and videographer
Get marriage license Will be happening literally days before the wedding... that's the tricky part with getting married in a different state where you don't live
Decide on guest book
Decide on favors 
Get favors together
Decide on welcome bag gifts 
Finalize transportation from wedding to reception 
Finalize transportation from reception to our room
Book wedding night room
Book honeymoon 
Get new clothes for the honeymoon! 
Gift for C
Gifts for our parents 
Create itinerary for the day sooo closeeee
Plan bridal brunch
Music selections to band and ceremony musician 
Order thank you notes
Remain extremely calm on the day of
Have a chat with Mother Nature to make sure we are all clear and good to go with my request for a beautiful weekend For real, please send your good vibes for a beautiful wedding day. PUHLEASE. 

I will be back tomorrow and Friday with other fun wedding info. Isn't it the week before your wedding you shouldn't be blogging? What is this? I barely blog for the whole 8 months then all of a sudden I can't step away. Per usual. 

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  1. Wow! Time has absolutely flown by! Enjoy every second of this time... it will be over before you know it!


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