Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Don't Stop... Get It, Get It

Go ahead and call our wedding, the never ending up-date of weddings. We're about to celebrate our 8 month anniversary, but that will not stand in my way of updating you with more details. I'm going to continue to sing this little jam in my head until I finally get everything posted to this blog. Don't Stop, Get It, Get It. 

I shared some pictures here, and talked about our invitations, here. If you're more of a movie watcher, here's our wedding video trailer. This post is a run down of the details.

Since we were getting married, literally on top of a mountain, we didn't want to make our guests get all the way up there just for the ceremony. So we hosted a "pre" cocktail hour before the ceremony. I've mentioned that we got married in a cloud in past posts... and I feel you'll gather from these pictures that I wasn't kidding... this is what it was supposed to look like... below is what it ended up looking like.

But the coolest part? This cloud that engulfed us, has since become one of our very favorite parts of the day. Sure, we wanted our family and friends to see the beautiful view that was behind us... but there was something so special, romantic, magical about getting married in a cloud. Honestly? Now... I wouldn't have had it any other way. We really embraced it and we really loved it.

One of our favorite summer time treats is oysters, so we offered our guests oysters, some other snacks and drinks before the wedding. I LOVED that we did this - it was so us. We love hanging with our friends outside and snacking and drinking... and it's exactly what we let them do before the wedding. We had a guy there playing acoustic guitar, which only added to the atmosphere. Even though we didn't get to be there, I think our guests enjoyed it so much. It made the weather a little more bearable.


We had flowers every where... my girls and me were carrying flowers, we had flowers hanging on fences, we had flowers hanging on chairs... and the only rule was they had to look natural. There was no color in our wedding, my girls wore champagne dresses, so the flowers were where we brought it to life. And they turned out perfectly. I could look at these pictures all day. Being married in the middle of nature, we didn't want anything to take away from that.

I especially didn't want the chairs to take away from it... so we went with black ones. I know a lot of outdoor weddings do white, but I loved how classy the black chairs looked. And they didn't stand out... it was like they belonged.

My stepdad worked hard to build the arbor that we used at the beginning of our makeshift aisle. My mom helped him too. And that? Well knowing that their love for me built that... and knowing that every single one of our guests, our family members, our parents, our friends... us, walked through that? Well that holds a heck of a lot of love then. It's in my parents garden now, but one day when we get a house, we will get it moved to our garden. I may even make C move it to the front yard when we bring home our kids for the first time... I just imagine this little gem will be part of our lives for a long, long time.

For the reception, we held true to our natural theme. The centerpieces weren't over baring, and the linens were beige with hand-painted/eclectic candle holders. My mama and I painted 100+ holders and we just loved the way they turned out.

People ask if anything went wrong with our wedding... and honestly, I say whole heartedly - no. It was so perfect, it was the best day ever.. the best weekend! I'd relive it over and over again and never change a thing. Though, if more than 24 hours in a day was an option, well I'd go with that... it just wasn't near long enough. As more time passes, I hang on to these memories more and more. I'm thankful we will have them for years to come.