Thursday, August 8, 2013

Bachelorette Weekend

There's something about being in a beautiful place with your favorite girls.

My bachelorette weekend was really perfect. My friends went above and beyond and customized the whole weekend around the stuff I like... they even did the grocery shopping based on my likes... I mean come on.

My friend has a beach front house in Ponte Vedra, so we packed up Thursday afternoon and hit the road.

We were worried about the weather, but ol' Chantel (the tropical storm at that time) decided to let us have our fun... which we very much so appreciated.

Thursday night we ate at a popular local restaurant called Taco Lu's. Have you ever had bang bang shrimp from Bonefish? It's one of my favorite things. Well Taco Lu's put shrimp that was similar to the bang bang on a taco... and now, in my mind, they can never do any wrong. It was so good.

Friday night we ventured to a place called Caps On The Water - again, Ponte Vedra, you know how to make good food. But the best part about this place? The view. It's the place to go to see the sun set, and we were not disappointed.

Saturday was spent lounging by the pool... a beer in my hand and my girls to gossip with? I'll take a never ending order of that, please and thank you.

I don't know if you can tell in the pictures... but clearly I was in my happy place. There are few pictures of me actually smiling... I never stopped laughing.

My Maid of Honor has a job that lets her travel the world (yeah, I know... so cool), so she made the weekend a little more exciting by bringing us her favorite bottle of champagne from SPAIN! I realize Spain sends drinks over to America for us all of the time... but it tasted so much better knowing that she had bought it and brought it straight to us from there. It also didn't hurt that we chose a beautiful afternoon to walk on the beach as we drank it. Again, my happy place. My MOH also got me lingerie from Cannes, France. I mean, come on... probably one of my top gifts ever.

Our last night was where we really exerted the energy. Now, I am no bachelorette that is going to spill the secrets of the weekend, but let me assure you, we had a blast. Ponte Vedra is a short drive to Jacksonville, so we hopped on a party bus and hit the town in a big way.

It was a good for the soul weekend all the way around. More than ever, I am grateful for friendships. When you're going through such a big moment in your life, it's easy to look around and realize why these people mean so much to you. I couldn't imagine this time without any of them.

And now... I am going to check the weather for our ceremony. We're in the 10-day forecast, people! Are you sending up your requests for good weather to God and Mother Nature? We certainly appreciate your help :) other news, I am obsessed with my dslr... tell me these pictures don't beat those of an iPhone. We're going to have fun with this baby in Hawaii!

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