Tuesday, August 13, 2013

four things that go through your mind...

When you're four days away from your wedding...

1. Wait? Who's getting married? I assure you, at some point during the wedding process... whether it hits you a month in or when you're four days away from the big day, you will find yourself completely baffled at the fact that all of this planning, all of this running around, all of this excitement... is for you and your fianc√©. There will be a moment, where out of no where, it will smack you right in the face... you are getting married.   

2. Was that really the best decision? I'm one of the best people in the world at not making decisions. I am so bad at them - like last kid to get picked for kickball in elementary school bad at making decisions. I can't even decide where I want to eat dinner, so you can imagine the last 8 months and all of the decisions I have had a hard time making. Don't be alarmed when you step back and realize all you have made a decision about and have a moment of "uhhh... was that the right decision?" - go with your gut! I did...every time and I'm not second guessing now. Turns out the gut knows what it's talking about.

3. He chose me? Honestly... sitting here on the couch right now, I want to just lean over and say "Really? Me??? You're sure you want to do this whole life thing with me?" He has made it clear, hello, look at this bad boy on my left hand that I am the peanut butter to his jelly, and he is to mine... but I still find myself so humbled by the fact that I'm going to get to do life with him. I guarantee walking down the aisle, it will be another moment of "wow... he really chose me". My heart is humble. 

4. How much weight can a person lose in 4 days? Just trust me on this one... no matter how hard you work leading up to the wedding... you will calculate this - you will be calculating how many work outs you can get in and play around with the idea of living off of smoothies until you say I do. Don't do it. Be healthy, but be proud. Be your best you. 

5. (I lied... there are 5) There are good people in the world - It's going to cross your mind 10000007 times throughout your engagement. You'll turn around every minute and someone else will be offering help, people will truly be asking how you are and want to know, and strangers will give heartfelt congratulations... soak it in. Soak in all of the goodness. So much good around us right now, so much love... and I am just in awe of it all.

Four days before your wedding, you should also be getting a lot of beauty sleep. It's almost midnight here - don't point out the bags under my eyes when I share our wedding pictures ;) 


  1. I remember having all of those same feelings. Especially the, he chose me?! moment.
    Congrats, it's going to be beautiful!

  2. Congratulations on your wedding sweet girl!


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