Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Remember that time we were house hunters? ...

You know those moments where you just feel completely grown up? 
This was one of those... it was the first time we walked in to a house and looked at it thinking "could we live here?"..."where would the furniture go?"... "what color would we paint it?"...

We look at houses online all the time, but this was the first real life experience with the anticipation of maybe wanting to buy it. 

...and it was cute! Not perfect, but it had what we call 'bones'. 

One of the first things I'd do? 
Paint those little garage doors a different color. 
I didn't mind the yellow house. 
I did mind the over use of yellow on the garage doors. 

It was hugemongous. 
Probably too big - but it was a DEAL. 
And you know how us people like our deals. 

Look at that natural light! 'Natural light' is music to my ears. 
I walked in and already placed a little table there... 
heck, I already placed us there eating breakfast and having coffee. Sigh.

The kitchen? It needed the most work. 
New appliances, new paint on the cabinets, new stove hood and new light. 
But it had bones. 
Plus - a window over the sink is one of those things on my "list". 

It was a great house. 
For a great price (when you didn't count in the unnecessary necessities I considered completely necessary). 
We crunched numbers, we even discussed putting an offer on the house. 

...in the end, we received one of those signs from God that said "just hold off a bit, there's a little bit something different I've got planned for your future". 

So here we are... at one time house hunters, now just trying to figure out what city we want that house to be in. Oy vey. 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Spreading Christmas Cheer

I love Christmas.
I love giving.
And I love snail mail.

Which is why today when I heard that Tiny Print's was offering 10 FREE Christmas cards, I was on their website faster than you can say "chestnuts roasting on an open fire".

I ordered these little babies (picture above) to send out to our family and friends this year. They have the cutest Christmas cards that you can use photos with - if we had a good professional photo, these (bottom photo) would be on the way to our mailbox!

And just last week I ordered our Christmas gift tags from Tiny Prints and I'm giddy about getting them in the mailbox.

So even though it's only November 7th, I am so excited to kick off this Christmas season! I'm not letting us dive completely in with decorating until after Thanksgiving (it deserves some love too), but I have loved gathering all of these fun unnecessary necessities from Tiny Prints. Let the spreading of Christmas cheer begin!!!