Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Wedding Wednesday - The List

If you know anything about wedding planning, don't judge how much we have done (or don't have done) in the list below. If you're insanely impressed with the progress we've made... then please, by all means, feel free to soak us with compliments :) 

We're some 70-odd days away from the big day! And I'm calculating stuff like, "wonder how much weight a person can lose in 70 days?" , "wonder if we will actually get the invitations out in time"... you know, the really important stuff. 

So let's take a look at what is left to be done over the next 2-ish months (AHHHH!)

Set a date
Book ceremony venue
Book reception venue
Book photographer
Book our band for the reception
Get the wedding party on board
Create wedding website
Take engagement pictures 
Decide on Save the Dates
Finalize guest list Let's be honest - this is never finished... I think we could come up with new people to invite everyday
Send out Save the Dates
Buy my wedding dress!! 
Book ceremony musician
Choose pretty bridesmaids dresses
Decide on shoes/jewelry for bridesmaids
Choose groom/groomsmen tuxes Have been chosen! Going this weekend to get the order placed
Have groomsmen get measured
Get a gorgeous dress for the MOB The lovely MOB (full-time rockstar wedding planner) will be in Atlanta next weekend and the main goal is to find her dress! Any suggestions on where to look? 
Purchase veil 
Decide on hair accessories Happening next weekend
Decide on wedding shoes & jewelry Happening next weekend
Hire ceremony coordinator 
Hire reception coordinator
Book the minister
Pre-marriage counseling We had our first session this past weekend, and I think we even impressed our minister. We know each other better than we thought! 
Book chair rentals for ceremony 
Book chair rentals for reception
Finalize reception menu
Finalize centerpieces for reception 
Hire a calligrapher
Book hair stylist 
Book cake baker 
Book hair stylist
Schedule hair trial-run Scheduled! Will be doing my own make-up, so not needing to worry about that. Am I crazy? 
1st dress fitting Happens next Friday! The gym and I are going to be bff's for the next week
Final dress fitting 
Create ceremony programs  
Have programs printed
Create wedding invitations
Have invitations printed out Happening as we speak... pray these actually get out in time for people to actually RSVP by the RSVP date. For real. We are so behind on this. 
Mail invitations
Book rehearsal dinner venue 
Finalize rehearsal dinner menu
Order rehearsal dinner  invitations 
Buy a dress for rehearsal dinner
Plan cocktails w/ friends for after rehearsal dinner We're planning on grabbing a drink with our friends that come in town for the wedding after the rehearsal dinner... could be a bad idea. We're going to have a lot of self-control. 
Buy bridal party gifts
My bachelorette party Mine is planned for July! Counting down the days!!
C's bachelor party He's heading to Vegas next week with all his guys. Oy vey. 
Bridal showers
Purchase my wedding band We're in the process of finalizing this 
Purchase C's wedding band I think we've picked it out - just have to order it!
Make "must have" list for photographer and videographer
Get marriage license Will be happening literally days before the wedding... that's the tricky part with getting married in a different state where you don't live
Decide on guest book Soooo close - wanting to do something clever but not pinteresty. I'm so over pinterest. 
Decide on favors My mama is a genius! Decided on favors this past weekend and am SO excited!
Get favors together
Decide on welcome bag gifts 
Finalize transportation from wedding to reception 
Finalize transportation from reception to our room
Book wedding night room
Book honeymoon 
Get new clothes for the honeymoon! This stresses me out
Gift for C ...So does this
Gifts for our parents and this...
Create itinerary for the day and this definitely stresses me out... I need to walk away from this list now. 
Plan bridal brunch
Music selections to band and ceremony musician 
Order thank you notes
Remain extremely calm on the day of
Have a chat with Mother Nature to make sure we are all clear and good to go with my request for a beautiful weekend

So tell me... are you laughing in our face? Should we have way more marked off of this list than we do? (I know, I know... we need a person to bake our cake... we're getting there) Or are we sitting pretty? I know your Mama always told you not to lie, but in this case... I say it's ok. Say we're sitting so pretty :) 


  1. You are doing great! My list is super long, It has been stressing me out lately but we will get it done!

  2. Ah it's soon! How exciting :) Everything will come together perfectly!

  3. It sounds like you are making amazing progress! I love that you included your action steps in this list. We're all thinking of you as your big day gets closer! :)


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