Tuesday, August 27, 2013

We're Married!!!

This guy is mine! Can you believe it? Luck, I tell ya. I got a good one.

It was a perfect day and we had the time of our lives! I've got so much more I want to share... the details (finally!), lots of pictures, the emotion, the love... and yes, the weather. You'll never believe the story I've got for you about the weather. 

I look forward to sharing it all with you.. including the honeymoon! We just got back from Hawaii yesterday and there is plenty to share about that as well. 

Really, I'm still completely soaking in the past 2 weeks. This has been such an incredible season of life  for us, we are so humbled by all of the love that surrounds us. Now excuse me while I go watch some TV with my husband ;) 


  1. Congratulations! Can't wait to see pictures and hear about it!

  2. Congrats! So glad everything went well. Can't wait to see a recap post!


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