Thursday, January 9, 2014

My Groom and Me (wedding pictures)

We're almost 5 month old newlyweds and I've only shared sneak peeks of the wedding on here... so let's get to work. There are so many other pictures to share... but it seemed appropriate to start with pictures of me and my groom. I'll do a real run down on the details of the day and the weather escapades later.

I can't stress enough how important I think a photographer is on your wedding day. When it comes down to it, that's the memory you have in your hands... not what chairs you used or how much money you ended up spending on the flowers (we saved a ton of money here!).


There's just something to be said about having these memories, in their perfect most rare form. That was important to us, a photographer who could capture the day... without making it look overly photoshopped and fake. Natural, was the name of the game when it came to our entire wedding. 

People go back and forth on whether to do a first look, and to each their own,  but for us it was a no brainer... we wanted the first time we saw each other to be just the two of us, nothing holding back our emotions.. instead of 200 people watching us as we saw each other for the first time. And let me say, seeing each other before the wedding took nothing away from how wonderful the walk down the aisle was. I just don't think you can go wrong with whatever you decide on when to see your groom.
Regardless of when it is, it'll melt your heart and be something you remember forever.

I talked touched on the weather here when I talked about our rehearsal dinner. When you choose to get married outside, of course one of the main concerns is weather. You can see for yourself from our rehearsal pictures (isn't that some perfect weather?!) that the weather didn't exactly cooperate per say for the ceremony... but we got married in a cloud on top of a mount, and to us, that became extremely cool. Mystical was the word people kept saying about it. 

So what should have been in the back ground of this picture is a beautiful mountain range in NC... but we felt some extra love and hugs from the cloud.

Makes my heart warm to see these pictures. It was a good day. Even after a short 5 months it's nice to go back and re-live the love and memories from our wedding day. 


  1. Your pictures are beautiful! As pretty as the mountains would have been in the background, I think the clouds look pretty darn cool and make you guys stand out!! So beautiful :)

  2. FINALLY! ;) Love these so much! And I completely agree about the first look.

    Love the look the clouds created too!


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