Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Wedding Paper Love {Our Invitations!}

Say it with me... better late than never. 

Now that we've celebrated our 5th month anniversary of being married and all I've shared are a few pictures here, I think it's high time you see our invitations.
When it came to our entire wedding, natural continued to be the running theme. Which was no different when it came to designing our invitations. I knew I wanted the subtle champagne color and some flowy font for our names.. but crisp and clean lines for the rest of it.

It took me longer than I had anticipated to find the perfect person to work on this with. I talked to at least 25 different people... and then I found Anastasia Marie! And y'all, she lives all the way in Oregon. Which just makes me sing even more of her praises - she was such a JOY to work with. I teased that I must have been her most high maintenance customer ever ;) but even with the time distance of being on completely separate sides of the country, she was a jewel. I am so thankful to her and how she made my vision come to life. I cannot recommend her to you one-day-brides enough.

She has a great Etsy shop as well - be sure to check it out!


  1. love all the fonts!! I am having my sister design my invites, I couldn't find exactly what I wanted so...I'll do it myself haha. Love the simple elegance of your invites!

    1. Thank you so much! It is so much easier just designing your own - well easier might not be the right word, but at least you know you're getting exactly what you want! I had the hardest time, I would find something I would like but then there'd be just one thing about it that wouldn't work perfectly. I am certain yours will turn out beautiful :) best of luck!

  2. These are too gorgeous! There are so many wonderful invitation styles out there it's so hard to choose. We just ordered ours this week and I can't wait to get them in!


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