Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Beautiful Weather and Beautiful Things

It was a 3-day weekend for me, as my office chose to celebrate MLK yesterday. And to that, I will say Happy Birthday to him all day long for an extra day off work :) I'll also say thanks, because the man made an impact and for that I am grateful.

Atlanta decided to participate in beautiful weather this weekend before it threw us 30 degree temps this week. And between that and my first day being in the office on a Tuesday, I was a happy girl.

Adding to the happiness were these flowers of beauty that I stumbled across at Trader Joe's. I went in for sweet potatoes and came out with flowers. Hey, they were only $3.99 and they have brought our apartment that much in happiness.

We had 107 errands to run this weekend that we had just kept putting off... errands are exhausting when you live in Atlanta. They just are. What should take 10 minutes, takes 50 because of the amount of people that live in this city. And when errands exhaust you, you go to the nearest burger & beer joint you can find. I told you this post had beautiful things in it. Calories don't count on the weekend, so says I.

If you're ever in Atlanta, try Grind House... great burgers. They have been featured on Food Network for their yummyness (that's a word).. and those burgers do not lie. If I had taken this picture approximately 5 minutes later, that tray and beer would be empty. Oh, and there's something to be said about the onion rings as well. Order them!

The rest of the weekend was spent watching Breaking Bad. We're addicted (good thing to the show, and not the contents of the show, am I right?). It's 180 degrees different from any world that I live in. I constantly find myself saying to my husband "Do these things ACTUALLY happen in real life?" We have embarrassingly watched too many episodes in way too short of time. We're on the last season and it's a good thing, because every episode basically gives me an anxiety attack. It's bad for my health - we need to see the series finale soon.

When we weren't watching Breaking Bad, we were finding any reason to be outside. As we strolled through our neighborhood, I got this shot of The Swan House, which was where one of the scenes in Hunger Games was filmed. It was practically like Jennifer Lawrence and I were hanging out. I now consider us BFF's. Atlanta has become a huge place for movie filming, and I'm constantly on the hunt doing some celebrity stalking. No sightings yet, but I come so close all the time.

Did anybody else get a break from errands with a burger and beer this weekend? Or are you finding yourself watching Breaking Bad? Soooo good.

I'm taking Friday off this week, and with yesterday off too... that means a 3 day weekend. So don't let me complain about any amount of time I spend in the office this week. Deal? Hope you have a happy week!


  1. How cool that that's the place they filmed a scene for HG. I've noticed a lot of places are filming in Atlanta as well.

    1. It's crazy, there really are movies everywhere down here now. And even TV shows are starting to film here. I'll be sure to let you know if I ever stumble across a celebrity :)

  2. I just was told this weekend actually that Trader Joe's has great deals on flowers! I need to go check them out :) We have one near us, and I keep meaning to go...
    That's so cool that the house in your neighborhood was used for the Hunger Games! Have a great 3-day week :) Tomorrow is your Friday - yay!!

    xx Em

    1. You are so sweet to celebrate with me that tomorrow is my Friday :) Yes, Trader Joes is incredible. They have really good deals in general, there are a couple of blogs that touch on what's best to get there as far as food and frozen meals. I think they always have really good produce options that are priced really reasonably. But girl, go get some flowers!!

  3. Haha, I agree that calories don't count on the weekend!

    1. Right?! I live by that... though sometimes I also live by that rule during the week ;) Gotta be a little more focused and not let my weekend habits leak into the week.


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