Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Snow > Atlanta

I'm sure you've heard, Atlanta is faaaareaking right now over this snow storm that hit us. I'm talking, it took people 12 some hours to get home (a commute that would normally be 20 minutes), a baby was born on the interstate, and there are STILL people stuck out there. In this big city sometimes, it's easy to forget that there's a lot of heart here. People were offering strangers shelter last night, handing out free hot chocolate. Atlanta, I like you and I'm happy to call you home (even if we don't know how to handle winter weather). 

Home Depot, Target, Whole Foods and Kroger stayed open last night offering stranded people a place to stay. It really is just a complete shock what ended up happening last night.

I left my office at 1:25 yesterday... at 2:05, I had gone 3 feet. That wasn't even beyond my office building, so I pulled back into the parking deck, put on my Hunter boots and on my way I went walking through Atlanta to get home. It was about a 30 minute walk - which beat my husbands 2 hour commute home (again, that normally takes us 10-15 minutes). I was so happy to see home. 


My walk also meant that I deserved a little stop at Whole Foods for some snow day necessities. It was a wise, wise decision.

I love snow. As in I was giddy with excitement all morning waiting for it, as in I was practically skipping through Atlanta as I walked home yesterday, but I hate it so much for the people stuck on the roads still. There were even kids stuck in school last night! A slumber party at school? Honestly, those kids probably think it's the coolest thing ever.

Of course The Weather Channel has been running constantly since I got home from my trek down the road. And we filled our stomachs last night with Taco Soup and Mexican Cornbread. What else does a person eat when there is snow on the ground?

Atlanta is completely shut down today.  It is so quiet, but the sun is out and the snow is still beautiful. We're on the couch and getting a little work done from home.


Thankful for this adult snowday, but praying that everyone finds their way home soon. I've waited 3 years to see it snow in Atlanta... and boy, did this storm deliver. Stay warm and safe, friends!


  1. I'm glad you were able to walk home quickly and safely-- DEFINITELY a better choice than trying to get on the road! I mean...holy crap. I canNOT believe how crazy it is!!!! We had to make a similar stop for Snow adult snow holiday is complete without cerveza!!! :) Enjoy the rest of your day(s?) off!!

  2. Love the grown up snow day for lunch. Glad you made it home safely...walking was the perfect choice (as was your Whole Foods purchase!)!! Cheers! xx

  3. Smart girl getting out of your car and just walking! ;) Traffic jams make my blood boil - I would have done the exact same thing!
    So funny how different places of the country are, I can imagine it throws everyone off when you aren't used to it! We got like a foot of snow the other day (here in Ohio) and it was business as usual! haha ;)

  4. I'm glad you were able to walk home, I'm sure many people weren't able to do that!

  5. My husband and I are from Atlanta but we were on our honeymoon when this storm happened! We were stunned, sitting in our suite in the DR, watching this craziness back home! You're right, it will certainly be something that Georgians won't soon forget. Glad you made the most of it :)

    Lauren @ How Beautiful Are The Feet


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