Monday, January 27, 2014

How To Survive a Cold Monday

Hope you all had a great weekend! It was a good one for us.. we were all sorts of bums. There wasn't much productivity besides the fact that we finished Breaking Bad. Lazy weekends are some of my favorite. 

I feel like this is the point in winter where we all start wishing for warmer days. It has been colder than normal here in Atlanta this winter. I know for a lot of you, you're probably waking up to beautiful snows this morning, and here I sit saying it's cold and you're all "pshht it's -30 here" I hurt for your cold-self, I do...but dang it I am jealous of your snow, it's just cold and windy here. My rule is if we have to deal with the cold, we should at least get some snow with it. 

Today we actually have a high of 50 but tomorrow is going to be a warm high of 31 here and when I'm cold I do things like look back at pictures like this to make me feel warm. Which is why today seemed like the perfect day to walk down memory lane of one of our beach trips last year. And it's Monday, and who doesn't like pretty pictures of a beach to survive a cold Monday?  

So grab a cup of hot chocolate, curl up by the fire and watch the snow fall while we pretend it's warm and we're at the beach...

Back in September we flew up to Raleigh to meet some friends and drove to Figure 8 (near Wilmington, NC) to spend the weekend at our friends' beach house. 

It was the very best getaway, at the very best time. We had been married for a month and had been facing the reality of going back to work after our Honeymoon in Hawaii, and a quick beach get away seemed to be the perfect thing to look forward to. 

While it was quick, we made the most of it. Including a whole day on the beach with a full cooler and Catchphrase. You can't keep this duo from a good game of Catchphrase. If you're with us, you're playing. 

That little gem of a picture above is one of my very favorite of C. 

In between grabbing a drink from the cooler and it not being my turn in Catchphrase, I started a little seashell collection. There's something about seashells. I really wanted to bring these home with us and put them in a glass jar. But I didn't think far enough ahead and didn't have anything to carry them back in. 

I am a mountain girl, through and through. I normally complain about how annoying I think sand is. But something about the beach has recently crept into my heart. I think it's mostly because the weather was pure perfection the weekend we were there. I can't stand being hot, but being on a beach with a nice breeze is our jam. I don't think this family will be traveling in the dead of the summer anymore. We're saving our trips for the summer and fall (...until kids' school schedules rule our calendars). 

If we weren't on the beach, we were in this hammock. I'm aching to be back there. 

Our friends' house also had an outdoor shower that overlooked the marsh and I watched the sunset there one night while taking a shower. I mean, come on. How could we not want to go back there? 

Hope you enjoyed this mini-virtual warm getaway. Cheers to a good week for you all :) xo! 


  1. I think I just got warmer, so thanks. ;)

    1. Girl, you are so welcome! Atlanta got a big storm today, and of course the city doesn't know how to respond so these beach pictures are warming me right up as well :) hope you're warm!

  2. These photos are just beautiful! And just what I needed to see to get me through the day while waiting for the snow to arrive here in North Georgia!

    1. Did you all end up with a big snow?! We did here in Atlanta and facing crazy traffic delays because of it. Took my husband 2 hours to get home, which normally takes 15 minutes! It sure is a beautiful snow and cozy, too! Hope you are warm at home!


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