Tuesday, May 7, 2013

What do you mean it's not Thursday?

I'm pretty positive Monday and Tuesday teamed up together and made it their mission to kick my butt this week.

Really, if we want to blame it on anyone, it's probably the weathers fault... it has been cold and rainy in Atlanta for the past week... and any amount of sunlight has been happening during the week, sharing absolutely no love on the weekends so that right there gives plenty of permission for a funk at the beginning of the week. Am I right?

As some co-workers and I walked across the street to lunch today, I said "Hey! If it's nice tomorrow and since it'll be Friday, we should plan a lunch on a patio somewhere" No... just no. So cruel of my mind to play those tricky games on me... HOW IS IT NOT THURSDAY? How did all of these shenanigans happen just within two days? Really, there haven't been a ton of shenanigans... I think I'm just tired.

Oh... and then I fell down some steps this past weekend... and wouldn't you know that it's my luck, that my body reacts to any type of pain by passing out. Fall down the steps? I pass out. Slam my finger in a car door? I pass out. Hit my elbow on something? I pass out. (sounds unhealthy I know, but I assure you, I've had plenty of tests... I'm just fine... just a little weird) So I knew it was coming as soon as I landed from the fall.... it was a graceful fall, none the less, my arm ended up getting caught in the rails so there's a nice bruise from that... but after the fall, I grabbed my arm and knew I was going down right then and there. And yep, I face planted to the ground... got a nice little black eye from the incident, too. Not to mention a bruised knee. Oh... and we weren't in the comfort of our own home. We were in a very crowded restaurant... a very crowded restaurant.

So really... the world the past couple of days has tested me. But I'm fighting back, just went to a gym class and now I'm heading to make salmon, veggies and I've got a pretty little avocado in the kitchen with my name on it. The sun is finally out and I've got the doors open and my favorite Pandora station playing.

Anyone else fighting through Monday and Tuesday? Did they team up on the rest of the world or just me? How's the weather looking? Let's all send a nice note to mother nature and ask for some actual May weather, how about it?

Tomorrow I'm joining in on Wedding Wednesday. Come back! It'll be fun :) ...and I won't complain about it only being Wednesday. Swear.

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  1. I hear you on the nasty weather. It's rained here all week so far and iss supposed to continue for a few more days. Just downright gloomy :(

    Sorry to hear about the fall- not good! I agree it's been a long week. It feels like it's in slow motion. Hopefully Friday will be here very soon!


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