Friday, April 26, 2013

Hey there! {Link-up for girls in their 20's without babies}

Kelly's  Korner**  is doing a great link up today to get all the girls without little ones running around connected (ladies, go link up if you haven't!). And there's nothing I love more than finding more great blogs to read... I also love a good dinner outside on a patio, which is exactly where I'm heading after I wrap up this post :) I see you, Friday. 

So let's do a little catch up for the new people visiting from Kelly's Korner...

I'm E and that guy in the picture is C... he decided in December that he thought I was fun enough to keep around for the rest of his life and asked me to marry him (!!!!!) :) There was a lot of celebrating, and you can catch up on some of that excitement here and here.

As you can imagine we've been running around planning for our August wedding lately, but I promise I'll try to not make all of my posts about the wedding, and throw in a lot about the fun of our life here in Atlanta.

I'm thrilled to meet all of y'all, so please leave a link to your blog in the comments so I can come catch up on the happenings of your life! I am so looking forward to it. So stick around with me and see the behind the scenes of wedding planning, how we're handling moving to a new apartment and our stories of just kicking back with our friends and family. It'll be fun, I promise! :)

Oh - and I can make it even easier on you... I'm on BlogLovin', follow me here!

**One of the very first blogs I ever read was Kelly's Korner, and seriously... after a couple of years, I still read along constantly, and am just a huge fan of her and her sweet girls. I imagine she must be one of the sweetest people in the world. If you don't read her blog - go over and get a dose of her southern sweetness and see for yourself how precious her two girls are!


  1. Hello! I'm dropping in from Kelly's Korner, I'm fairly new the the blogging scene and I mostly follow Mommy Bloggers so I am loving finding all these new blogs from girls in their 20s like me. Congratulations on your recent engagement!


  2. Hey there! Who knew there were so many 20something bloggers! :) Love your cute little blog. I'm following on bloglovin now. Can't wait to read more!

  3. Catching up on all of my blogs right now. I come to yours and see that you are engaged now!? AH! Congratulations love! xx


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