Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Progress... and I'm willing to spill the beans on all wedding details.

I wish I was finding my way here to discuss our wedding process more often... but really, thank you notes don't write themselves... so that's where my attention gets focused.

So where are we with wedding planning and life in general?
I like to close my eyes and think there's this really long list of "wedding to-dos", sort of like the list I imagine Santa Claus has to check if kids have been naughty or nice... really, that long of a list. And when I close my eyes, there's a lot of it marked off.................

And then, I look at one of those super organized lists on The Knot or in one of my wedding magazines... and the "this is what you should have done 4 months before the wedding" list laughs right in my face... and then I cry.

If I was a less dramatic person... I'd say we are in a great place! And we really are... there are those few things on the list lingering, but my Mama is on it and kicking butt so I'm not too concerned about anything.

Some of the major headlines from our life over the past few months?

  • I got my dress!!!!!! HUGE deal.I loved my dress when we bought it... duh, you'd hope so, right? And I didn't think it was possible, but the second time I tried it on... I did indeed love it more. That's how you're supposed to feel about the groom, so I figure it's a good sign to feel that way about dress as well. Am I right? 
  • We signed a new lease on an apartment! That's right... our home as newlyweds is being built as we speak and we should be settled in just in time to get things arranged then head off to say "I do!"
  • The main singer in our band just made it to the final round of the fall season of The Voice... which is really really cool. I sort of patted ourselves on the back for that one... picking a band might have been the most frustrating part of the planning, but seems to have been worth it if the boy we picked is good enough to sing on national TV. So while we are super pumped about the opportunity for him... let's be honest, I'd rather him make it to our wedding and not be hanging with Adam Levine in LA. We shall see.... 
  • Remember when I announced that our ceremony was being held here? Go ahead and send a prayer up to God and Mother Nature, for lots of sunshine in August. Because my weirdo self is thinking that a future weather predictor can predict the weather 4 months from now accurately. Right now it says rain... so remind me that weather people can't even predict the weather accurately for tomorrow, let alone 4 months from now. Remind me that... a lot.

I want to document this wedding, without boring people to death... so tell me, what are some fun wedding topics you'd like to hear about? We are knee deep in this planning... and I'd love to share all we've learned along the way. Let me know what you want me to spill the beans on :) xo.

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  1. this is so exciting!! it reminds me of my wedding!! hope you're enjoying all the process!


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