Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Our Engagement Story - Part One

"Why don't we open stockings here Thursday night before we head to NC on Friday morning? We can even go grab dinner that night!" 

Presents and dinner??? Of course! That sounds perfect. We wanted to have some kind of Christmas tradition for where we've made our home in Atlanta, but wanted to save a lot of fun and the real gifts for our time in NC for our family. So when C came up with this idea, I was so on board! Sounded just like what I wanted - a nice evening full of Christmas lights and Christmas music playing while opening stockings and then a nice dinner out. The boy knows the way to my heart.

I let him be in charge of making the dinner reservation - he's normally our restaurant and vacation planner, so I let him do his thing without asking questions.

I was leaving work early that Thursday (the 20th) to kick off the Christmas break with a nice manicure and pedicure. I had bought a gift card back in June that had a 6 month expiration tied to it, which meant... it would be expired before we got back from Christmas break. So off I went to pick out the oh so popular "You Don't Know Jacque" OPI color.

It was pouring outside that day. The raining cats and dogs type, which is a saying I've really never understood... but it was doing just that. POURING. I got to the nail place and hopped out of the car, dodging rain... or I suppose, cats and dogs... and stepping in every puddle on the sidewalk. That's how it works, right? I always end up in the puddles... no matter what.

I was enjoying my pedicure when I realized C hadn't mentioned anything else about dinner... so I text him, "Are we still going to dinner tonight?" ... but I never heard back from him... and didn't think a thing of it. I assumed he was busy at work, I'd see him when I got home. I went on with my girly spa afternoon and then headed home.

I walked in and he was already there. Side note: I'm always home first... he's a working machine and never makes it home before me. Oh well - I wasn't complaining, we were getting to start our Christmas break early! He gave me the "I just told work I had to leave... my boss seemed frustrated, but I wasn't going to sit around and wait" Welp. Alright... I wasn't fighting that. I mean we did have plans, so I appreciated his efforts to get home on time.

Remember the rain? That was immediate make me want to lay on the couch before dinner kind of weather. So... to lay on the couch I went. Charlie was hanging on the couch with me and we discussed how our days had gone. "You taking a shower before dinner"... Nope, I responded. I was still feeling pretty put together from my day, despite the pouring rain outside... I figured we were going to a nice dinner, but nothing some fresh makeup and a curling iron wouldn't be able to fix.

A few minutes later... "So you're sure you're not taking a shower?" .... Uhhhh... Do I need a shower??? Which of course he brushed off, "No way! You're fine! But we should probably go ahead and start getting ready... our reservations at 8:15" ......


  1. Hehe...can't wait for the rest!

  2. This sounds similar to our engagement story! Can't wait to read the rest! :)


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